4 Common Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Packing stuff is an art in itself. Right from the way you pack to when you pack plays a great role in the success rate of your moving and the stress that comes along with it. And just in case, if you fail to avoid the most common packing mistakes, you will make the task more difficult than they ever seem to be. Here are some common packing mistakes you can avoid.

  1. You didn’t plan beforehand.

You need to put together a plan in order to determine how to pack up your place. No, you do not have to pen it down, although it can be a pretty helpful step, if you are willing to do such a task. The gist is to have a sort of blueprint for the imminent days of packing which also includes the order that you intend to pack things and the way they will be packed. When it’s time to move, not only you will be well prepared, but you will also be efficient.

  1. You failed to give yourself some time.

Be pragmatic when it comes to figuring out your timeline and predicting that every task will take a bit more time to get done than you are assuming. As a rule of thumb, you will need at least 2 to 3 days to pack up a studio or one BHK, 3 to 4 days to pack up a 2 BHK and 5 to 6 days to pack up a 3 BHK. This is a prediction that you will be packing your stuff all day which is often not possible when you have a job and other responsibilities to look after. The trick of playing it well is to give yourself enough time to decide how many days you will need and to work on it free of distractions while you are packing actively.

  1. You didn’t get enough supplies.

Similar to the timing, estimate that you will probably need more than you think when it comes to packing supplies. To begin, start with the free moving box calendar by Qshark, which will give you a good estimate of how many boxes you require on the basis of the size of your home, the amount of stuff you own, and the way you pack. It will also determine how much you require when it comes to supplies like packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and markers. If you are a newbie at moving or not organized in nature, you might want to purchase more supplies than recommended.


  1. You didn’t get rid of stuff.

Before you begin to pack, separate out the items you no longer need. Segregate them into three piles: donation pile, recycle pile, and trash pile. There is no time for feelings, try to get rid of everything that no longer serves you. You will lighten the load of moving by a significant amount and you will also thank yourself for it.