7 Great Advantages Of Metal Panel Systems At A Glance

Talk about the best exterior solutions, and a lot of architects recommend metal panels for commercial and residential projects alike. Metal panel systems do have a few obvious advantages, and in this post, we will discuss some of these aspects in detail.

  • Great for design flexibility. No matter whether it is about commercial projects or contemporary homes, metal panels are flexible and make it possible to achieve a wide range of design solutions.

  • Apt final look for most requirements. Metal panels have great curb appeal, which is ideal for both exterior and interior applications alike. For contemporary designs, the look can be customized as required, while one can also work with vintage finishes.
  • Easy to install. Architectural metal panels are extremely versatile to say the least and can be used for most kinds of building projects. Instead of the wall cladding using concrete, one can opt for metal panels, which are easy to install, as well.
  • More styles and finishes to choose from. Metal panels come in a diverse range of styles and finishes, so you can always get the kind of look you want for the project. From something as simple as natural metal finish to painted and accented designs, the choices are many.

  • More materials as required. Metal panels initially were made of options like aluminum, but if you check with some of the leading manufacturers, you can find anything and everything from steel, copper, to stainless steel and even zinc alloys. Aluminum and galvanized steel are popular choices for exteriors, while copper metal panels are more used for interiors for better aesthetic appeal.
  • An environmentally-friendly solution. A number of metal panel systems use recycled metal, which is a great idea for the planet. At the same time, these last for years at a stretch and require no or little maintenance, which means that you don’t need to discard or replace the existing system time and again.
  • Durable in most ways. Architectural metal panels are extremely durable, especially for exterior needs, and you can use them for almost any design, including roof decks. For the interiors, these systems work better than wood and drywall.

Check online to find manufacturers and sellers for metal panels, and don’t forget to get an estimate for the project in advance. Also, it is a good idea to check as many solutions, textures and different finishes as possible to get the best match.