A Complete Moving Checklist

Some people say that moving time is one of the most ”stressful events” in our lifetime. But it does not need to be like that. Good organization is the key when you are moving. By that, we mean it should not be stressful at all. Actually, it can be really fun. You are about to start a new life in a new place. And if you have a good organization then you should enjoy it. A good organization means that you have everything prepared in time. The first step is to have a complete moving checklist. But let start from the beginning.

Start on time

First of all, decide where you are moving. When you know that you can focus on your packing. And when you finish it all, you will havea complete moving checklist checked. Like we said, good organization is the key. And to have it, you should better start in time. If you start in time, you will not be in a hurry. Here are some steps what you should do first when the moving time comes:

Figure 1 Start in time

  • Go through your things
  • Make an inventory list
  • See what things you’ll take and what can you donate
  • Start to collect boxes
  • Take other packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape, and permanent markers
  • Call a moving company and make a deal with them
  • In the end, you have a complete moving checklist done

Having a help of your family or friends would be great. In this way, you can separate jobs and each of you can have his own moving checklist. If you want to go this way, then you certainly want to know how to pack everything. Achieve this, and you’ll also succeed in reducing the workload a lot.

Ask for help

You can always find help when you are moving. It is always good if someone can help you to organize and to transfer your belongings. For example, if you already live in Florida, or want to move there, hire a company from that area. Best Movers in Florida have proven their reputation through hundreds of successfully completed relocations.The point of hiring a reliable moving company is in having a stress-free relocation Such company is able to help you organize the move, save your time and compile a complete moving checklist. To find somebody like that, make sure to do some thorough researches before you start packing.However, if you have some family members or friends in the place where you are moving to, you can ask them for recommendations.

Figure 2 Ask for a help 

Separate and categorize to have a complete moving checklist

Like we mentioned, finding a help and separating jobs will mean a lot to you. Take step by step. Because when it is relocating time, things can be a little chaotic if they are not organized well. When you get your packing materials, mark them. For example, if you have packing boxes put clothes in one of them and dishes in another. In this way, you will not take a risk to damage something. Furthermore, you’ll work more systematically, and things will be clearer. You will know where everything is. Things like clothes, dishes, pictures, and gadgets can be separated into one category. An unwritten rule says that these types of things are easier to pack. What about furniture? Even though that might look like a problem, with the right furniture movers, it doesn’t have to be. Doing it on your own can turn to be a hard job. But if you hire a good company, there is no worry.

Figure 3 Make a list 

Check on everything once more

When you are moving, you should always check on all of your stuff once more. First, you should go to every room in the house and check if you have forgotten something. Then, you should go through every item which is on your moving checklist. If you do not feel sure, open the boxes and check on everything again. To be clear, this could take the whole day, so make sure to start in time. You will feel safer and you will be sure about everything. As for appliances, you should unplug them twenty-four hours before you are about to leave the house. Before the furniture movers are about to show up, check in what condition is your furniture. Notice every kind of damage and write it on your list. In this way, you will know if it there was any kind of damage during relocating. However, if you forget something, leave your number and address to the new owners of the house. They are certainly going to contact you if you have forgotten something. Now it is the time for you to lock the doors and to turn off the lights and to move into your new home.

Ready to move into your new house?

So, that day has come. You are about to move into your new home. Now it is the time to get your complete moving checklist and to start unpacking things. Just like you did when packing, separate the jobs between your family or your movers while unpacking. And your checklist will help you with that. If you cannot unpack in one day, then make a plan. Start to unpack things you need in the first place. Those things can be clothes, dishes, and sheets. Of course, the first thing which will go inside the house is the furniture. When you put the furniture in, then you can put sheets and other things which you need.

Figure 4 Refer to the checklist to unpack faster

To conclude, having a complete moving checklist will make your moving easier. Once you have it done, you can focus on how you want your new home to look like.