Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time as a product, when it first came on the market it gradually took over from lino as the most cost-effective option for consumers looking to cover their bathroom and kitchen floors. It is water resilient and extremely durable, so it makes the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for a material to install in water prone areas.

Vinyl flooring requires very little attention – As a material, vinyl flooring is a low maintenance option for any homeowner. Out of all the other flooring materials on the market, it is easier to care for and only requires occasional cleaning to ensure it is kept looking new. Vinyl flooring can be easily swept to remove dirt and dust, once you’ve removed the heavier particles covering the floor, all you need is a damp mop and some cleaning solution to get rid of any stains. It is advisable to purchase a recommended vinyl floor cleaner to ensure you don’t damage or mark the material when mopping.

It is versatile and can be installed in any room – One of the main benefits of choosing vinyl flooring is its versatility. It is perfect for fitting in bathrooms, shower areas and other places which regularly encounter water. Vinyl is highly water resistant, which makes it the first choice for many homeowners who are looking to install flooring in their restrooms. If your vinyl flooring is correctly installed by a professional contractor, it becomes almost impossible for any water to breach the material, the only way of getting through is if the material suffers damage.

Vinyl flooring is comfortable – It is surprisingly comfortable to walk on, when it is installed in your home. It also has the added benefit of not getting cold during the winter months, so when you wake up early for work and walk across your bathroom floor, you won’t feel that chill which you experience from having tiled floors. It is much softer than wood and ceramic floors because it contains a spongey underlayer which isn’t as hard on the soles of your feet.

It allows for easy installation – Vinyl flooring is very easy to install in comparison to other materials on the market. Once you’ve stripped your old carpet or whatever material was lining your floor, you simply clean the area with a brush to ensure there is no lumps or bumps on the ground. If you find some uneven areas, it is important to sand them down to level out the surface. You must ensure the vinyl flooring is installed on a level subfloor, which is dry and free of any moisture or water. Any uneven areas or deviations will be on display if you don’t properly secure the foundations.

Vinyl flooring has several benefits and more and more consumers are choosing this product for their homes. It is one of the eco-friendliest materials on the market, which is important when it comes to reducing your homes carbon footprint. It can be easily recycled and doesn’t contain toxic gases when disposed of.