Design by Louis Poulsen – an investment you will treasure for years to come

Design from the producer Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S has been popular for many decades and its popularity has not faded since it was founded in 1874. The secret behind the massive success must be the man behind the design of the majority of the lamps during the mid 20’s until the mid 60’s. The man was named Poul Henningsen and he created some of the more popular lamps from Louis Poulsen called PH 2/1 as well as PH 3/2. Poul Henningsen had a lifelong cooperation with Louis Poulsen, where many masterpieces were created throughout the years.

The purpose and background idea of the design by Poul Henningsen (being focusing on the relationship between light structures, shadows and colours) are still the foundation of the lighting theories behind the lamps of Louis Poulsen. Poul Henningsen focus a lot on the lighting being perfect so it created a soft atmosphere where you would feel comfortable. That was therefore, one of the many reasons why the lamps became so popular – because they had their focus on the human need of lighting.

All lamps from Louis Poulsen has the same characteristics of being functional, made with a high standard and yet keeping the classic look to fit any room or environment. The philosophy behind lamps from Louis Poulsen is that the lighting should be harmonic, and that people should enjoy the light that the lamp generates. Therefore, there are many different steps that are in focus before a lamp is finally produced. offers you a great selection of lamps from Louis Poulsen. You can find anything from the popular AJ Table lamp to the famous PH 2/1 and Ph 3/2. Furthermore, the assortment also provides you the choice of more modern pieces such as the Panthella as well as Enigma 545 and Patera 450, to name a few. At you will find an exciting range of lamps from Louis Poulsen.

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