Few Signs That Will Indicate That You Need Foundation Repair

If you need to repair your foundation of house, then you must understand that it is pretty expensive as well as time consuming job. However, you need to notice few signs that will give you early warning, so that you can take some preventive measures to get rid of the hassles of costly repair.

  • Doors and windows are not closing properly

Before taking action on repair of doors or windows try to establish whether it is due to any fault of these. It can be related with structural problem too. In some cases, you may also find that the doors or windows are getting separated from its frame. Then it is better to call any reputed contractor to inspect the foundation properly.

  • Visible crack on the floor and walls

You may observe long horizontal crack on the wall or floor or in the foundation also. Visible cracks on foundation should not be ignored and if no action is taken then it can get worse and create a major issue in the longer run.

Some cracks are however normal and does not call for any foundation repair and can be just sealed so that it can prevent water absorption. However, if the crack becomes larger then it cannot be ignored as it can be related to some problem with foundation. Therefore, as soon as you notice crack, you must call any expert for inspection.

  • Crown molding cracks

If there is settlement problem then it will show up with crack on crown molding. A person with civil engineering background should be asked to diagnose the problem to find the cause of such cracks.

  • Sagging floor or warped ceiling

Your ceiling may also get affected due to foundation problems. Check whether there are exposed gaps exist between the wall and the ceiling. In order to check sagging floor, just place a tennis ball on the floor of your house. If the ball does not move at all then there is no sagging on your floor.

  • Slanted mortar joints

Another way to detect the problem of foundation is by measuring the mortar joints or the spaces between the bricks. Usually when bricks are placed, the contractor uses certain tool to keep the line straight. If you find that the line is not straight then there must be some problem below the foundation which is causing the slanting.

If any of such signs are noticed, you must be concerned and consult the foundation expert, who may suggest some easy remedial method.