Five Great Benefits of Fiberon Decking

Having an outdoor deck is a good decision to make. With the deck, you can have a place to cook for your favorite meals outside on the grill when the sun is up. This makes hosting parties and entertaining friends an awesome possibility. Also, an outdoor deck increases the value of your home.

Traditionally, homeowners are used to having decks made with pressure-treated lumber or expensive woods. However, fiberon decking is now available as a cost-effective option. Below are some of the main benefits of this type of decking:

 Longer Deck Life

Having a deck can be a costly project and you want to make the most out of this investment. To make sure you can enjoy your decks for many years, consider fiberon decking. You can expect the deck to last more than a couple of decades with minimal maintenance. This type of decking features a natural wood which doesn’t require regular resealing.

Maintaining the Deck is Affordable

Fiberon decks help you avoid having to apply deck sealants every few years if you have pressure-treated lumber. Wood decking requires you around thirty hours to maintain every year. Doing the job yourself can be difficult and hiring a contractor can be costly. Fiberon decks require just a few hours of maintenance per year. The job usually includes cleaning the deck with water and soap.

It offers Better Long-Term Value

As you consider the project’s overall cost, your focus should not only be on the material and installation costs but also the ongoing maintenance costs. While decks made from pressure-treated lumber and other wood products are likely to cost less than Fiberon decks, ongoing maintenance and labor costs make the former a more costly option. Because of this, fiberon decks offer a better long-term value.

It Features Increased Safety

Wood can begin to rot away or crack because of exposure to the elements. Also, wood can be exposed to fungal growth and insects. As they are applied with chemicals to preserve them, wood decking may  cause injuries, particularly during sanding and resealing. Fiberon decks are stronger than wood. They are not prone to structural failure because of environmental exposure.

Offers a More Natural Look

While wood decking allows you to apply various kinds of sealants and stains, it is limited to the wood’s natural grain. But, Fiberon decks have a variety of natural-looking hardwood and wood grain available. These come with various finish and color options. Fiberon decking is made to mimic real wood designs.