Have You Had Your Tile or Sealed Cleaned Lately?

When you install tile in a bathroom or kitchen, you also need to maintain it. If you want it to look its best, you must take measures to have it cleaned and maintained. This can only be done by professionals who take care of stone restoration and tile cleaning.

Maintaining Your Stonework or Tile: What it Takes

You just have to understand that installing stone, tile, or any other type of accoutrement, does not mean that you can get by with limited maintenance. If you want to keep it looking its best or in pristine shape, tile, marble, or other stone materials need to be professionally cleaned and maintained.

Beautify Your Property and Add to its Value

That is why tile cleaning in Sydney is important to realising an increased value for your property and better aesthetics. One of the services offered by people who clean tile is sealing. This is imperative as certain contaminants may sit on tiles and cause immediate staining. Therefore, a stone or tile sealing product can be likened to a bottle of time. While a product that seals will not prevent staining entirely, it will make it resistant to a large and varied number of stains. It also helps to use the right cleaning items and products.

Request Professional Services

That is why you cannot leave any of this work to an amateur. You need to request the services of a company that knows all the details involved in cleaning and polishing these types of materials. However, that being said, you usually do not have to seal textured porcelain tiles. However, porcelain that is polished does need a seal. Whilst this seems illogical, the tiny pores that accept stains are produced when tiles are polished.

Penetrating Sealers

If a penetrating sealer is used, the pores are filled and therefore are much more stain-resistant. Textured tiles usually just need a thorough cleaning because their surface is rough. To make sure of your tile’s resistance to staining, obtain a sample tile and attempt to stain it. If you notice stains, you need to contact a cleaning and sealing professional where you live.

Once you contact a company that handles cleaning and sealing services, you will also need to learn more about the products that they use for sealing and cleaning. Normally, these companies feature specialty products that are specified for certain tasks. For most sealing work, products that are considered penetrating products are best for porcelain tiles.

Some of the sealers are designed to enhance the shades and tones of porous tiles and stones. These products are therefore often used for marble or porcelain accents where the colour has faded. Sealers provide a sheen that can last as long as 15 years with optimum stain resistance.