Make Your Balcony More Durable By Waterproofing It

Most buildings have beautiful balconies that offer scenic views for the residents and visitors. They also provide a cozy spot for social interactions, eating food and a romantic evening. Since they promote delicate situations, it is essential for balconies to look beautiful themselves. However, unlike the building’s exteriors which can get metal panels to accommodate for better durability, most terraces are made of brittle materials such as concrete that can crack and erode under pressure. These concrete balconies come with a first asphalt waterproofing membrane which easily tears with the passage of a couple of rainy days.

Apart from ruining the aesthetics of the balcony, the absence of proper waterproofing can lead it to get structurally damaged. This can lead to severe injury or even death if it is left unchecked for long. Therefore, the most important thing to make your balcony secure is to get it properly waterproofed.

Balcony Waterproofing prevents your balcony from taking any water damage. Without it, concealed structures can take damage via water migration, and this can take effect from even the balcony’s outer frame. Over a period, this water migration can affect the integrity of your gallery by making it weaker and softer from inside. This process makes the gallery prone to disjoin from the building and fall out. Or it may even crack into several indicated parts which each fall. Both of these scenarios can lead to disastrous consequences and cause the loss of life and property.

How it works

There are many methods possible for getting your balcony waterproofed. However, the best and most cost-effective approach is to use a self-adhered fiberglass sheet for the base of the gallery. This fiberglass sheet also runs up to eight inches up the walls of the balcony. The process is followed by installing stainless steel flashing on the fundamental parameter of the balcony. After this, the doors are fitted with custom fabricated door pans to prevent the water from flowing under the door on a rainy day. This is made from either galvanized stainless steel or copper and is supposed to be hand soldered. Now, the balcony can also be fitted with a scupper to drain excess water from the balcony. After this you can add an overlay of beautiful tiles, wood or even carpet grass to make your balcony look it’s best.

In conclusion, waterproofing isn’t something that’s just meant to protect your balcony’s aesthetics, but also it’s security. So it’s essential to get done as soon as possible.