Protect the Lifespan of Your Home with Drain Clearance

The drains in your home clog naturally over time simply as part of the average home routine, such as when you wash the dishes and let food fall down the drain, but this is not something you should allow to continue once discovered. A clogged drain may cause a sudden backup which may or may not contain untreated sewage, among other things, and that will cause severe damage to your property and even risk your health and well-being. It is best to have professionals inspect your home at least once a year for any building problems, and there are many signs which will help you to predict an oncoming clog before you see any serious troubles develop.

Slowing Drains

Your drains are unlikely to clog all at once unless you or another member of the household were to flush an object down the pipes, and this is not as uncommon as you may believe if you have curious children. Even toilet paper, when flushed in a large enough amount at once, will clog your system and cause an immediate blockage, but the average clog develops over time as food particles and other debris are sent down the drain. If you suspect your drain is slowing down, fill the sink with water and watch its behaviour as it is drained, such as whether or not it takes five or more minutes for the water to disappear completely.

Multiple Clogs

Any single clog in your home may occur without much warning because many homeowners are not looking closely enough to catch the signs during any ordinary moment of the day. A single clog in a pipe, such as in the bathtub, is nearly always caused by collected debris just below the drain’s entrance, and many of these clogs are treatable using a drain snake or an anti-clogging liquid. You need to have a professional clear drain blockage in Sevenoaks if you have more than one clog happening at once in the house, or if you have a single clog which will never stay gone for long.

The Smell of Sewage

Unless you are unlucky enough to venture into your bathroom after another guest has just left, you are unlikely to smell any unpleasant odours within the room which cannot be easily explained and removed. If you do enter the room and discover the unmistakable scent of sewage, it is likely that your pipes are backing up and that a clog is stopping your plumbing system from adequately performing its function. A drain clearance service will not only help you to find the source of the clog and remove it, but an expert will know how to help you avoid another occurrence in the future.