Three Essential Tips to Consider when Moving to a New Office

Moving from one office to another is not easy. Compare to a house move, an office move means moving more things and coordinating with more people. But, choosing a dependable mover will streamline the moving process. Before you begin the move, make sure you know the following:

Get Your Hands on the List of Moving Rules

Any move requires planning especially if you are moving to a new office. Instead of consulting with a household, you will have reach out to the management company of your building that may have limited hours and a list of rules. Make sure you read and understand these rules as they might have specific regulations you didn’t know before. This can include the kind of padding your movers should use for floor protection. Also, the building management may require you to provide a certificate of insurance from the mover. This insurance guarantees the management that the movers will pay for repairs when they happen to damage the property during the moving process.

Take Care of Reservations Ahead of Time

Assuming your office building has more than one floor, you will need to take care of elevator reservations. You don’t want to share an elevator with other people in the building. The majority of building management companies actually require their tenants to reserve the elevator for a certain timeframe on the day of moving. Also, you might need the use of freight elevator so make sure you check the rules when planning an office move. Moreover, think about making reservations for a loading dock for moving day to speed up the move. This allows you to get to your new office faster and save on the relocation cost.

Keep Good Communication with the Movers

Talk to your chosen movers before the moving day. Inform them about the type of furniture your current office has. Office furniture can be freestanding or workstations. While freestanding office furniture is easy to move, cubicles are not easy so you may have to inform your movers in advance. This helps them assign an experienced person to do the job.

A number of cubicles are hardwired into the electrical system. When your cubicles have plugs under it, they may be hardwired so you might have to hire an electrician to unhook them. Furthermore, as office movers take down cubicles, they need to set them up like the way they took them down. Reconfiguring them is not possible. In case you have rented equipment like photocopiers, contact the owner before you move. You will have to follow certain rules before you can move this piece of equipment.

After knowing what to expect from office movers, it is time to contact one of the reputable Orange County moving companies out there. You want to pick one that has been known for moving local businesses safely and quickly. The company should have an effective system in place, especially in terms of taking stuff to the elevator and to the truck. Choosing the right mover will ensure that your office items are in good hands.