Top Tips For Fitting Skylights

If your considering having skylights installed, you’ll be surprised at the amount of difference it will make to the amount of light that will be entering the room. With Ultrasky skylights, you can rest assured they have been tried and tested thoroughly throughout an installation process. In the long run it will make your life much simpler when fitting the products.

Here’s a quick guide to help you when fitting skylights;

  • First and foremost- measure up. Measuring up is one of the most critical points to a successful installation. This needs to happen before you consider placing an order. Always ensure that when you are taking down measurements for where the skylight is going to be fitted, that it is done accurately, after all, you want a perfect fit. You can always choose the size of the lantern you like before cutting a hole.

  • Next, fit a timber kerb- Ultrasky skylights are designed to be fitted to a timber kerb, which is installed on the inside of the roof. Before you begin the installation process, check how wide and tall the kerb needs to be. Be sure to also check that the kerb is straight, it is a good idea to include a membrane which will add a watertight finish.
  • Preparation is key- In order for the delivery and installation of the skylight to run as smoothly as possible, always ensure you are prepared. Check if you require any additional tools/and or materials. Fittings will more than likely come with the lantern, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need any extras, for example you will need to supply sealant.
  • Beams- Beams and the ridge are the first part of a skylight to be installed. These are tightly secured to the kerb with nuts and bolts. Always make sure that they are securely in place before continuing.
  • Glazing- Before adding the glazing, apply a sealant. Ensure the eaves and ridge are prepared fully, then you may be able to position the glass units.

  • Weather proof- Once the glazing has been applied, ensure the glass is clean and dry, before moving to the next stage. You can then fit the weathering shield.
  • More sealant- Add a final application of sealant to finish the proofing.
  • Internal cladding- The final stage to the installation process, the internal ridge needs to be fitted to the inside of the roof lantern, this will leave you with a elegant finish. Internal cladding usually comes in a variety of finishes.

Adding windows to a home can often be overly expensive or impractical, but installing a skylight or two can easily be incorporated into the design of new or existing extensions. They can also brighten up a loft roomor another extension.More often than that,skylights will be small windows that open up and out at an angle, although other versions are long panes of glass that will add light along the length of a room, for example a kitchen extension.