Unclogging a Sewer – A Simple Guide for Homeowners

Drain pipes and sewers can get clogged for a variety of reasons. These pipes are widely regarded as the “backbone” of the modern plumbing system in buildings, as well as entire municipalities. The drain pipes are designed to carry wastewater from the plumbing fixtures in the property, such as the shower drains or the toilets, and connect them with the main sewage lines, which run throughout the municipality. From there, the water is generally transported through a network of pipelines, either to the sea, or to the water treatment centre.

However, if the drain pipes get blocked for any particular reason, serious damage can occur to your plumbing system. The important thing is to know that the drain pipes, and sewers, are designed primarily for carrying semi-solid, and liquid, waste through. Most people don’t think twice before throwing solid waste into their toilets, carelessly flushing it away.

Solid items can get lodged somewhere in the drain pipe, and could cause an obstruction in the water flow. Unclogging a sewer drain is not as simple as it might seem, at first. If a conventional plunger doesn’t work, then your best option is to call a plumbing company that can unclog blocked sewers in Melbourne.

Below is a brief guide to aid homeowners in unclogging their sewer drains:

Signs of a Blockage

Before you call a plumbing company to unclog the sewer drains for you, you need to confirm whether there’s a blockage in the pipes or not. There are numerous tell-tale signs that will confirm or deny whether the drain pipes are blocked. The simplest way to figure this out is to check the speed at which water drains through the pipes.

For instance, if you notice a puddle forming near the shower drain, there’s a chance that the drain pipes are blocked. Another very clear sign of a blockage is when water from the toilet makes a strange noise, especially if this occurs every time you flush it. If you are sure that there’s a blockage in the pipes, you need to call a plumbing company to unclog the drain pipes for you.

Methods for Unclogging the Sewers

There are a variety of methods that can be used for unclogging the sewer drains. The first thing that the plumbing company will do is locate exactly where the blockage lies, in the pipes. They will use a miniature camera to identify the point of the blockage. Once this is done, they can determine the best way to unclog it.

A simple way to unclog the drain pipes is to release water through the pipes, at extreme pressures. This is a common method used by companies for unclogging the sewers. The pressure of the water is enough to remove all obstructions from the pipes.

Unfortunately, if this approach isn’t effective, the company may have to dig up the ground around your home or business. This is the only other way to remove the portion of the pipe that is blocked. This process is more expensive, and also takes up a great deal of time. This may also cause damage of your yard, in the process.