What Are Your Residential Security Needs?

Locksmiths provide different services for commercial customers than they do for residential clients. Therefore, when you contact a locksmith, you need to make these distinctions. For example, if you need commercial services, they often involve gaining access through restricted systems or the installation of commercial safes.

Other Commercial Locksmith Services

If you own a workshop, you may need to obtain a padlock that can also be included on a restricted system. Other services offered by commercial locksmiths include the supply and fitting of panic bars and other security hardware, which are fixtures that must comply with fire rules and regulations.

Residential Locksmith Services

If you need residential locksmith services, you will find that a Baldivis locksmith can be a virtual lifesaver in this regard. Residential customers often call a locksmith to regain entry into their homes or cars. Rekeying is also another common request. For example, rekeying is often done after a burglary or during a breakup. When rekeying is performed, you are given new keys without having to change the locks. The old keys will no longer work in the locking hardware.

Do You Know the Location of Your Remote?

If your current garage remote is beginning to play up or you have misplaced the device, you can also contact a locksmith for help. Maybe you have lost the keys opening your letterbox. If so, you can contact a locksmith to get back into the box.

Key-Alike Services

Sometimes customers need padlocks or locks for their utility metre boxes. Other customers ask for key-alike services. This term refers to possessing one key to open all the locks on a property. Therefore, a key-alike service can be performed without much modification to the current locks.

In some instances, some of the locks cannot be keyed alike. Nevertheless, this type of amenity is nice to have if you maintain a large property with a large number of locks. It saves you from fumbling for a specific key for a specific lock.

Incentives for Security Upgrades

If you live in an area where the local council offers incentives for security upgrades, you will want to contact a locksmith about their recommendations as well as a free quote. Should you need a safe for the valuables in your home, you can also contact a full-service locksmith about this type of security upgrade.

You can even ask a locksmith to provide a travel padlock for your luggage. Whether you are at home or at your home away from home, you can count on full-service locksmith services. To make the most of this type of security, make sure that you add the phone number of a full-service locksmith to your list of emergency contacts. Doing so will give you added peace of mind and more control over your home’s or business’s security. Take time today to discover the services online.