What Type of Garden Log Cabin Should I Choose?

Anyone who owns a log cabin knows how they can become an essential part of your garden as they provide additional space for relaxation and entertaining whilst offering a convenient place to store your essentials such as outdoor furniture, tools or other similar garden accessories. However, in the past the cost of buying a log cabin was very expensive and as result were never affordable for the average homeowner so they never really took off in popularity. But since the dawn of the internet and the ease of access which it has brought you can now find hundreds of cheap garden log cabins which are not just affordable but also durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With this in mind getting am affordable log cabin is no longer a difficult task to achieve!

Design Choice

When selecting a design it is important to consider that you will find many modern log cabins available in various shapes, sizes and designs enabling you to find the perfect match to suit your space and existing garden layout.

In fact with hundreds of options to choose from ranging from exclusive log cabins named Zen which have a modern and minimalist feel through to dual room cabins which give more space to store your tools and accessories the list is pretty endless and only really limited by your imagination. Alternatively, if your requirement is quite stringent and needs customization, you can also find lots of custom designs to choose from.

Furthermore, if you want your garden building to stand out from the crowd a little then some log cabins can be fitted with decorative additions such as Georgian window bars or felt roof shingles which enhances the overall look.

In essence choosing the right log cabin for your garden needs to be a tradeoff between your actual requirements from the building (such as an office, entertainment space, hobby room etc), the level of durability you want (do you want it to be made of pressure treated timber), the size you need and also design you like. Not to mention the price you can afford to pay. However, with a wide variety of cheap garden log cabins available in the marketplace to cater to for most residential requirements you should find an option to suit you in no time at all.


Supplied in a self build kit for garden log cabins are easy to build and come with detailed instructions making them perfect for DIY installation. Constructed from interlocking timbers that are all pre cut to length they simply slot together like a jigsaw which is fast and also fun. In fact so long as the building is on a flat and level surface you can`t really go wrong as in most instances the whole build process can take as little as 1 day.

So why not order your perfect cheap log cabin today so you can start to get the maximum benefits from your garden space when the warm weather comes and you begin to venture outdoors again.